Escape and rejuvenate with us at The Pearle Spa

Our signature facials and body treatments offer the best in skincare and self-care, including a traditional Hammam steam room, lounge and pool. For a full day spa experience, ask us about including lunch or dinner from our exclusive Spa menu. Our spa services include a curated list of Facials, Body Treatments, Massages, Manicures and Pedicures. Please note: Access to the pool & Hammam steam room are not included for nail services.  Family Pool Hours:  6am – 10 am & 5pm – 10pm Relaxation Hours (Guests above the age of 16) 10am – 5pm

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Spa Hours

Monday – Sunday
9am – 8pm


With Love Package

Reconnection, celebrations, intimacy, exclusivity and romance. This package is for you, the couple, to indulge, disconnect from the outside world – and enjoy each other. Your journey will begin with a brief breathing exercise and meditation prior to your service. Following your treatment, enjoy a glass of prosecco by the pool. As you make your way to the relaxation area, you will be guided with a pathway of candles & flower petals which will bring you to your private table for two – where you will enjoy an exclusive, chef-inspired three-course meal. At the table, you’ll find plush microfiber towels (полотенца из микрофибры), provided by our partner, ensuring your comfort during this serene experience. Just the two of you. These towels, known for their softness and quick-drying properties, are a thoughtful addition, enhancing the ambiance and ensuring that every detail contributes to your relaxation and enjoyment. $1200 + tax & gratuity


Includes a 90 min Couples Massage Experience (choose from Metropolitan, Serenity or Performance), a glass of prosecco by the pool post treatment, dinner in the relaxation area + and a gift to take home (two personalized embroidered robes, bath oil and a couples meditation card).

Treatments are to start at 6:30pm – couple is welcome to arrive early to enjoy the facilities.


One weeks notice (minimum) needed for booking. Reservations are secured with a credit card. 5 days notice is needed for cancellations, to avoid the cancellation fee (full cost of the reservation).

Only one couple per evening. Reservations can be made Monday – Thursday.

Facial Treatments

Our mission is to restore and maintain your skin’s natural youthfulness and vitality through healthy, pure ingredients and truly effective advancements in facial treatments. In collaboration with academic partners like ghostwriting services, which assist in producing high-quality academic content, we ensure you have more time to focus on yourself and enjoy our treatments. This partnership embodies our commitment to excellence, offering you both the best in skincare and the support you need for your academic endeavors.

  • Clarity Anti-Blemish Facial

    PURIFY | REFINE | CALM - A targeted treatment for problematic skin, this treatment features a highly intelligent mask system which utilizes the exclusive 111 SKIN Facial Architecture Method. 60 minutes - $250 (Mon - Thurs) || $270 (Fri - Sun)

  • Eternal Glow

    RESTORE | STRENGTHEN | GLOW - A facial for even the most sensitive skin types using clean, green, and minimal elements. 60 minutes - $185 (Mon - Thurs) || $205 (Fri - Sun)

  • Intraceuticals Signature Facial

    HYDRATE | REJUVENATE | NOURISH - Perfect to cool and calm stressed skin from snow or sun, or simply reset the travel weary or overworked. 60 minutes - $250 (Mon - Thurs) || $270 (Fri - Sun)

  • Meso Infusion Hydration Facial

    HYDRATE | VOLUMIZE | CONTOUR - Ideal for frequent fliers, party goers, and severely dehydrated skin, this facial replenishes the complexion with moisture and luminosity. 60 minutes - $225 (Mon - Thurs) || $245 (Fri - Sun)

  • Original Dramatic Healing Facial

    RESTORE | FORTIFY | HEAL - Strengthen the epidermal barrier and prevent further inflammation. Target simple skin issues such as dryness, dehydration, sensitivity and rosacea. 60 minutes - $275 (Mon - Thurs) || $295 (Fri - Sun)

  • Rose Quartz Restorative Facial

    SMOOTH | SCULPT | SOOTHE - Using a multi-layered approach to facial massage, including the signature massage technique and rose quartz stone massage, this treatment is designed to relax and soothe the mind while alleviating irritation within inflamed skin. 60 minutes - $300 (Mon - Thurs) || $320 (Fri - Sun)

  • The Performance Facial

    SMOOTH | DETOXIFY | REJUVENATE - A luxurious facial treatment designed to target specific male skin challenges like razor burn, ingrown hairs, skin sensitivities and overall texture concerns. The skin is purified with a gentle detoxification technique and then reactivated and rejuvenated through massage and powerful plant-based ingredients. Skin looks strong and smooth . 60 minutes - $225 (Mon - Thurs) || $245 (Fri - Sun)

  • Celestial Black Diamond Non-Surgical Face Lift

    LIFT | FIRM | TIGHTEN - Our most comprehensive anti-ageing facial, this luxurious experience harnesses 111 SKIN's most potent collection, the intensive range, to encourage youthful, sculpted, and firmer appearance. 60 minutes - $425 (Mon - Thurs) || $445 (Fri - Sun)

  • Intraceuticals Peptide Lift

    VOLUME | LIFT | TIGHTEN - This non-invasive treatment delivers advanced and potent actives to give you optimal and rapid results. 90 minutes - $325 (Mon - Thurs) || $345 (Fri - Sun)

  • Eternal Glow + Oxygen

    ANTI-AGEING | VOLUME | GLOW - All the benefits of Eternal Glow but with the addition of hyperbaric oxygen for additional healing and anti-ageing properties. 90 minutes - $275 (Mon - Thurs) || $295 (Fri - Sun)

Body Treatments

Whether you are looking to increase circulation, receive deep hydration, or wanting smoother softer skin, the Pearle Spa offers body treatments that restore and invigorate.
  • Eternal Glow

    TONE | HYDRATE | SMOOTH - Best suited for those looking to increase circulation, receive deep hydration, and strengthen the skin barrier resulting in smoother softer skin. 60 minutes - $275 (Mon - Thurs) || $295 (Fri - Sun)

  • Meso Infusion

    HYDRATE | VOLUMIZE | QUENCH - Our most thoroughly hydrating treatment, this body experience draws upon the treatment range to leave the skin saturated with moisture. 60 minutes - $225 (Mon - Thurs) || $245 (Fri - Sun)

  • Rose Quartz Restorative

    SOOTHE | SCULPT | ILLUMINATE - A unique decadent experience that cocoons the body and mind, this calming massage harnesses the healing powers of quartz crystals to restore positive energy and infuse the skin with radiance. 60 minutes - $275 (Mon - Thurs) || $295 (Fri - Sun)

  • The Original Dramatic Healing

    RESTORE | FORTIFY | HEAL - A heavenly body experience, designed to strengthen and replenish the body's own reparative processes. This is perfect for fragile, sensitive, damaged, or stressed skin. 60 minutes - $375 (Mon - Thurs) || $395 (Fri - Sun)

  • Celestial Black Diamond Sculpting

    LIFT | TIGHTEN | NOURISH - Opulent and indulgent, this powerful body treatment delivers dramatic results from 111 SKIN's intensive range to shape, smooth, and saturate skin with nourishment. 60 minutes - $475 (Mon - Thurs) || $495 (Fri - Sun)

Massage Treatments

Get lost in a tranquil setting while our therapists deliver massage treatments that release your body from emotional and physical stress.

  • Traditional Massage

    Our "classic" massage consists of traditional massage techniques using firm but gentle pressure for long, flowing movements to leave you feeling renewed. 60 minutes - $190 (Mon - Thurs) || $210 (Fri - Sun)
    90 minutes - $260 (Mon - Thurs) || $280 (Fri - Sun)

  • Traditional Massage + Aroma

    Our "classic" massage is enhanced with one of our signature alchemy's of your choice. Adding a calming, clarifying, and entirely luxurious experience. The massage itself consists of Swedish techniques using firm but gentle pressure for long, flowing movements to leave you feeling renewed. 60 minutes - $200 (Mon - Thurs) || $220 (Fri - Sun)
    90 minutes - $270 (Mon - Thurs) || $290 (Fri - Sun)

  • Serenity Massage

    NURTURE | COMFORT | GROUND - Designed to alleviate emotional stress as much as physical, this healing massage helps to calm, centre, and create a tranquil energy in both body and mind. 90 minutes - $270 (Mon - Thurs) || $290 (Fri - Sun)

  • Vitality Massage

    UPLIFT | REJUVENATE | ENERGIZE - Utilizing the vivid herb of sweet marjoram and warm stones, this is a calming, clarifying, and entirely luxurious experience with its optimistic scents, cooling oils, and traditional tension-relieving techniques. 60 minutes - $200 (Mon - Thurs) || $220 (Fri - Sun)
    90 minutes - $270 (Mon - Thurs) || $290 (Fri - Sun)

  • Performance Massage

    ENERGIZE | RELAX | RELIEVE - An awakening treatment that combines tension-relieving and circulation-stimulating techniques with a cryotherapy-inspired aromatic oil, this is the ideal experience for any level of athlete. 60 minutes - $200 (Mon - Thurs) || $220 (Fri - Sun)
    90 minutes - $270 (Mon - Thurs) || $290 (Fri - Sun)

  • Maternity Massage

    This luxurious treatment uses traditional massage techniques to nurture and support in a time of constant change. Using pregnancy safe oils, this massage eases away tension in the upper back and shoulders, nourishes skin, and relaxes the body. 60 minutes - $190 (Mon - Thurs) || $210 (Fri - Sun)
    90 minutes - $260 (Mon - Thurs) || $280 (Fri - Sun)

  • Metropolitan Massage

    RESTORE | REFRESH | REFOCUS - This treatment harnesses the richness of frankincense to illicit confidence and strength, the experience involves deep tissue techniques, stretching, and spinal work to release, reset, and realign the body. 90 minutes - $270 (Mon - Thurs) || $290 (Fri - Sun)

Manicures & Pedicures​

Soothe your senses and your spirit with luxurious manicure and pedicure treatments.

  • Signature Deluxe Manicure

    Relax and unwind while you experience a luxury anti-ageing manicure. As the tension in your neck and shoulders melt away from our weighted neck warmer, your hands will enjoy a gentle exfoliation, followed by a rich blend of coconut and jojoba oils, shea butter and vitamin E to support soft and healthy skin. Followed with a soothing hand massage and polish of your choice. 55 minutes - $75 (Mon - Thurs) || $85 (Fri - Sun)

  • Signature Shallac Manicure

    75 minutes - $100 (Mon - Thurs) || $110 (Fri - Sun)

  • Performance Manicure

    30 minutes - $60 (Mon - Thurs) || $70 (Fri - Sun)

  • Signature Deluxe Pedicure

    Soothe your senses and hydrate your feet with the anti-ageing properties of this unique pedicure. Let your neck and shoulders relax with a heated neck wrap, as our therapists treat your skin with a rich blend of oils and earthy elements to repair and treat the feet. 75 minutes - $95 (Mon - Thurs) || $105 (Fri - Sun)

  • Signature Shellac Pedicure

    90 minutes - $120 (Mon - Thurs) || $130 (Fri - Sun)

  • Performance Pedicure

    45 minutes - $70 (Mon - Thurs) || $80 (Fri - Sun)