Hotel Policies & Procedures

Thank you for choosing to stay at The Pearle Hotel & Spa! We are delighted to welcome you to our urban lake house. To ensure you have a pleasant stay, please take a moment to review our hotel’s policies and procedures. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Front Desk.

Check-In and Checkout Policy

 In order to check-in, guests must be a minimum of eighteen years of age. Guests below eighteen years of age must be accompanied by a registered adult at the time of check-in to occupy a room. Check-in time is 3 pm, and checkout time is 11 am. Early check-in and late checkout requests are subject to room availability. Should you wish to make such a request, please contact our Front Desk team any time prior to your arrival or during your stay.

Payment Policies

Guests must provide a valid method of payment along with a piece of government-issued photo identification at the time of check-in. An amount corresponding to the room rate and taxes, as well as an incidental charge of $150, will be authorised as a security deposit. If you are using a debit card as your method of payment, a $300 incidental charge will be taken.


As a registered guest of The Pearle Hotel & Spa, you accept full responsibility for any breakages, losses, and/or damages caused to Pearle Hotel property directly or indirectly by you or by any other occupants/guests you host on the property. The Pearle Hotel reserves the right to recover any damages from the payment authorised upon your arrival. Where the authorised payment is insufficient to cover the cost of the applicable charges, the guest agrees to pay the balance within seven days of being notified in writing of the payment required by The Pearle Hotel.

Noise Policy

At The Pearle Hotel & Spa, we strive to provide a peaceful and comfortable environment for all of our guests. Please respect the quiet hours of our hotel, which are from 10 pm until 8 am. Please keep noise levels to a minimum and refrain from disturbing other guests during these hours. The Pearle Hotel has the right to ask guests to leave the property should this noise policy be violated. If necessary, The Pearle Hotel also reserves the right to call emergency authorities to assist with the removal of guests from the property.

Non-Smoking and Non-Vaping Policy

The Pearle Hotel is a non-smoking and non-vaping hotel. Smoking of any kind is prohibited in all of our guest rooms, public areas, and outside spaces. If evidence of smoking is found, a CAD $500 recovery fee will be charged per incident.

Pet Policy

At The Pearle Hotel & Spa, only valet parking is available. Should guests wish to self-park, they must do so off-property. Current valet parking rates are available on our website or by contacting the Front Desk and are subject to change.

Parking Policy

The Pearle Hotel & Spa is a pet-friendly hotel, and we look forward to providing you and your furry companion with a memorable stay! To ensure the comfort of our guests, we ask that you adhere to our pet policy. All pets must remain well-behaved while at The Pearle Hotel, and while in public areas, all pets must be leashed, caged, or firmly held. A maximum of two pets are permitted in each guest room, and they must not be left unattended at any time. In the event that a complaint is made due to excessive noise from a pet, The Pearle Hotel reserves the right to require the immediate removal of the pet should the guest fail to handle the situation. A pet fee of CAD $50 per room will be charged per stay.

Lost & Found Policy

In the unfortunate event that you lose a personal belonging while at The Pearle Hotel & Spa, we will make every effort to locate your missing property and return it to you. Missing items should be reported to us as soon as possible. If your item is located after you have left the property, you can either pick the item up yourself or designate another individual to retrieve it for you, or you can pay to have the item shipped to you. Please note that lost & found items will be held for a maximum of 90 days. Any items not claimed after this period will be discarded. No compensation will be provided for the misplacement of personal items.

Room Capacity

Due to both design and the regional fire code, our guest rooms can accommodate a specific number of guests. The maximum number of guests each room type can accommodate is specified on our website and at the time of booking. For safety reasons, and to ensure that all guests have a comfortable stay, we ask that you do not exceed the maximum occupancy of your room. Any discomfort experienced by you or your guests should you exceed this limit is not the responsibility of The Pearle Hotel & Spa. Private gatherings in guest rooms are not permitted.

By staying at The Pearle Hotel & Spa, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions outlined above. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Front Desk at any point prior to or during your stay.